Mridul Aanjaneya
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Rutgers University
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Laboratory for Interactive Virtual Environments

Our lab pursues research in physics-based simulation of natural phenomena within a virtual environment, exploring applications in computer graphics, scientific computing, computational biomechanics, and robotics. We design numerical discretizations for capturing new effects, and also emphasize the design of efficient data structures and numerical solvers to allow highly detailed simulations to benefit from the hardware available on modern compute platforms, with the ultimate goal of achieving real-time (or interactive) simulation rates.

Research Overview

The following video provides a broad overview of our lab's recent research:

Lab Members

Prof. Mridul Aanjaneya

Lab Director
Assistant Professor
Computer Science

Chengguizi Han

PhD Student
Computer Science

Alon Flor

PhD Student
Computer Science

Nelson Chen

PhD Student
(co-advised with Prof. Kostas Bekris)
Computer Science


Dr. Tao Xue

Postdoctoral Researcher
Now faculty at Nanjing University of Science and Technology

Dr. Kun Wang

PhD Student
(co-advised with Prof. Kostas Bekris)
Now at Amazon Robotics

Aditi Patil

MS Student
Now at Apple

Dr. Haozhe Su

PhD Student
Now at Tencent America

Dr. Ioannis Polykretis

PhD Student
(co-advised with Prof. Konstantinos Michmizos)
Now at Accenture Research Labs


Our lab maintains an open-source codebase called Nova, with the aim of creating a library that is light-weight and flexible, while at the same time customizable for high-performance implementations. Its design allows for custom visualization plugins that are specific to each project, and example projects that utilize the library are kept under a separate repository called Nova_Examples.